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ModelPro Chassis 2016
190 €

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Intended for the training of drivers and Gentlemen Drivers Professionals who wish to learn or perfect the knowledge of a circuit.

We offer them our simulator "Prosimu T 1000" last generation built with three 50-inch screens, a steering wheel Fanatec V2 vane and a Fanatec pedal V3 vibration of the pedal to trigger the ABS. The whole is mounted on a 2016 frame equipped with two vertical hydraulic jacks before reproducing the mass transfer, and a rear side hydraulic cylinder reproducing the understeer and oversteer.

The steering column and the bucket seats are fully adjustable in height and reach to give the best comfort of piloting. A radio link was installed, allowing to be in permanent contact with our engineer track, which will support all the Setups of your race car to optimize your lap.

Our work platform is carried on "PCARTS" with recording your running sessions for different debriefings Drivers. Our work program is established in function of your needs, with sessions of 20 minute free practice and timed tests, then your race on the car of your choice and on the circuits included in your league.

Our training sessions are three hours minimum per driver and up to two drivers. You will be supported throughout your sessions to focus completely on your work "Driver"

Our simulator-Room has been specially designed to get you to be completely isolated and thus reproduce your race conditions. Reservation on request.

The price here is per hour per person.

Options on request: Lunch & Open Bar

We are also able to sell you a Kinetic simulator adapted to your needs. Price on request.

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