Ford Mustang coupé hardtop

Ford Mustang GT coupé hardtop

Ford Mustang GT coupé hardtop

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Data sheet

Code | Serial numberA | 5R07A184989
Born the15/09/1965
Power engine225 BHP
Engine capacity4.700 cm3 | 289 ci
Gear boxMechanical 3 speeds
Outside colourAubergine
Inside colourRed
Optional equipmentsPower steering - Original audiotape and antenna
Mileage54.494 miles
21.900 €

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The Ford Mustang was a true automobile revolution in the United States. Young people from the baby boom expected other things these massive big cars, and the arrival of a compact car, both sporty and fun car, shoved established codes. In less than ten years, the Ford Mustang brushed 3 million copies products, genuinely flooding the market with its different versions: hardtop coupe, convertible or fastback with different engines to 6 or 8 cylinders.


We offer you a Ford Mustang GT hardtop coupe bodywork, the year 1965. Launched in 1964, it is the Mustang origins, according to the purest devotees. Its engine is particularly forceful, since GT version, the motor is powered by a four-barrel carburetor, which saves 25 hp compared to the normal V8. The gearbox is manual, 3 reports. The brakes are drums and the steering is assisted. The color combination is particularly elegant, combining a deep burgundy, almost plum, a red interior. This Mustang is in full mechanical health. An exterior paint veil conceal the few body imperfections (chips, scratches) and perfect make.

Expert opinion

A beautiful Ford Mustang GT coupe and the dark red-bordeaux association is of great elegance. The power and the noise of the V8 transform each kilometer moment of pure pleasure.

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